Hollowed Lake

by Agon

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Jeremy Buergo
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Jeremy Buergo This is some really solid Black Metal that keeps things fresh from track to track. Favorite track: Tunnel of Desolation.
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released October 21, 2018


all rights reserved



Agon Miami, Florida

Avant garde atmospheric black metal musical project from Miami, Florida

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Track Name: My Yearning Heart
The icy cords pull my chain cuffs tight
To show me my sins
Wallow in the past of memories fond and pure
Tainted with ashes of arson
The face of fear and death walk beside me
The guiding hands of mother and father
Showing me the true reality of this world
That existence is cruel and torturous

Twisted as it may to truly know myself
In reality I'm a stranger in the mirror
Traitor to myself for actions in my past doing
My thought and soul bleed each other out
My reflection of a boy scared in the woods
I'm unarmed in this nature of greed and hate
But deep in my eyes my soul speaks out
Lost in this maze comforts my yearning heart
Track Name: Tunnel of Desolation
Wander, take the thoughts away
The abyss calls forth, beckons the blind
Hope draws near but elusive is her grip
For my hands are tainted with guiltless deeds
The incessant washing of fire and blood
Besmirched are my hands of no filth
The fallacy of the heart governs the sound truth
And still the scars keep fresh

All I see before me are the eyes of misjudgment
Watching me crawl through this tunnel of desolation
Hands held up high, feeling the hedges of this dark maze
As I'm lost of sight, I feel my way through this haze
Wandering about the light of her hand reaches out
But it slips away as I run forth, crying out her name

Lost and stranded, alone and saddened
I cry out her name
My knees dragging towards her, my hands placed on my face
She points to the well within her long shadow
"The victory of pain is to wander into the abyss to find the light"
Track Name: Empty Voice in the Forest
Don't you know, the pain you've done
Destroying these structures we have built
Don't you know, can't you tell
On my knees giving you my heart
As you watch me burn, withering away
As I cry smothering the flames, can't you tell
That it's not only about you

The recurring pain of shedding skin
Rebuilding my shell from depletion
Constant bombardment of shrapnel
That somehow I feel, but you do not
Track Name: Hollowed Lake
The surface has changed
Tectonic plates shifting
With the rumblings of the seas
The crater bears a scar

The young man, fragile with love
A slight push of your touch
He is shattered apart
Millions of tiny fragments

He is cursed to lurk around
With a feeling of numbness
The pain which he cannot sustain
Shall be a burden for his limits

His eyes awaken to what he sees
Swimming through empty air
This basin all hollowed down
Where hallowed are his shadows

Frozen off
This wall
Ghastly cough
My spirit weeps

The soul is gone
All else is gone
This will to live

Repent for the damned
Drowned in this Hollowed Lake

Swelling eyes
Engorged skin
Tears flow down
Track Name: Blackened Remains
This is crude, this is fucked
My pleasing heart gets killed outta guard
Blackened after all I try to do
The failure keeps on, punched to the face

The fuck is wrong with me?
Got no respect from me
Piece of shit all you see
I try but never give

Ashened soul burnt by passion
Only poison to the heart I had
The love I've felt I pushed away
I take for granted, and shove it to the ground

The fuck is wrong with me?
Got no respect from me
Piece of shit all you see
I try but never give

What troubles my lightened spirits?
Have I not the love I thought I did?
I am but a leech taking your blood for myself
As I try to learn knowing I never will

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